Douchebag, douchebag. Douchebag, douchebag.

I'm the douchebag loaded up with things and knick knacks too.

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[sticky post]HEY! I just met you, and this is crazy...
But here's my profile, so uh... hi?

I'm a Female.
Living in the Philippines.

Still at school.
Likes Science and History.
Maybe English too >w<

A K-Pop fan.

I like eating meat.
I like fruits too!
I don't like vegetables.
They're gross... ;____;

I don't like dogs. I'm starting to like them though.

I like angst - recently fluff. And now.... well SMUT.
I love PWP btw ;>

I ship Sekai. Hard. And everything hurts.

It just feels so one-sided, I lost my mind~~

My top male bias is Oh Sehun while Jung Krystal for the girls. <3 <3 <3

Bias List:

1. Sehun I just love how childish he is hahaha! :DD

2. Jinyoung He's just too handsome...

3. Youngjae & Daehyun LOL I love their relationship! It's really pleasant to see :3

4. Sunggyu Don't get me started on how much he ruined my bias list.... Darn ittt!! His voice is just so... nice

5. Dragon Twins! CHINESE!!!!!!! And they're really good at dancing hehe <3


P.S: I can never write down my bias list in ink... *sigh*


Favorite K-pop Groups:

1. EXO Exo, saranghaja!!! <3

2. B.A.P Babe wassup babe wassup!~

3. NU'EST They're all too handsome...

4. Teen Top tunununun tunununun Oh yeah! tunununun It's goin down man, haha~ tunununun...

5. TASTY They're a duo not a k-pop group But I still love them ;w;

5. B1A4 It's all because of Jinyoung... I just can't...

Sorry for the weird introduction hehe... let's be friends!
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